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Lacoste is the last name of the famous Tennis Player Rene Lacoste, who won 7 Grand Sland Tennis matches individually played. He made famous his open-mouth crocodile logo. The birth of this logo was pretty famous because in 1920 Rene and his competitor bet a real crocodile skin bag for the competition winner.

Although he lost the bet, Rene Lacoste won the nickname “The Crocodile” among all his public, without even imagine that years later he would be recognized as one of the key men in the textile industry with the creation of the Lacoste Shirts.

The entrepreneur Andre Guiller was the key for the birth of the Lacoste Shirts in the World

Andre Guiller was an entrepreneur dedicated to the textile field who met Rene Lacoste and proposed him to start in the clothing design business, using his name as a backup.

This proposition would change immediately the life of this powerful man, giving him recognition around all the world. When there where Tennis matches it was usual that the jury give as a prize some sort of crocodile skin accessory; this meant the maximum acknowledgment for the winner.

For the Tennis Players of the time, this meant something really interesting and an excellent award, considering the high cost of the crocodile skin in the market of that time.

This is why Rene Lacoste, who had a quite happy and serene temperament, implemented his own bets in the funniest ways. In the 1927 championship, Rene carried out his own bet with the captain of his team.

Although he won, his team partners starting calling him “the Crocodile” as a joke, but they didn’t imagine that this nickname would progressively travel the world until making him famous in other areas.

Identification of his clothing represented his beginnings in the textile industry

Rene Lacoste was a Tennis Player who won a huge fame and a great acknowledgment as a professional Tennis Player. He was really recognized in France and respected by all his compatriots.

For this reason, it was a quite interesting path for him to get starting in the clothing business, as for the economic side especially.

A good friend from his professional playing team painted the open-mouth crocodile logotype for him, which lets glimpse the red-colored inside of its muzzle as a signal of that it would soon finish all its opponents.

Rene ordered that it be embroidered in a jacket he used to wear at the beginning of his performances. This detail attracted attention from the famous textile entrepreneur Andre Guiller, who had a wide vision in the business area and decided to integrate Rene in the financial world connecting the player's name with his own to support the textile industry.

The fate linked Rene with the design and the fashion business, attaining to create effectively the Lacoste Shirts as the first recognized clothing brand in the world.

A short sleeve polo shirt was the start in this profitable fashion business. This shirt is introduced as part of Sports Uniforms, beginning to be part of several successful groups of entrepreneurs.

Lacoste succeeded as a Tennis Player and in the worldwide fashion designers movement, expanding his financial capability and achieving worldwide recognition for his name, due to his huge input in the textile design area.

In 1958 he improves the Lacoste Shirts and starts creating other products

The union between Andre Guiller and Rene Lacoste produces big benefits in the textile area and together they achieve to improve the Lacoste Shirts quality.

It is possible to find worldwide the exclusive distribution of the brand, with a great variety of colors and fabrics for all the Lacoste famous Shirts.

Although the shirts were initially created for being part of a Sports Uniform as a prestige sign, it became soon in a worldwide emblem when using it as part of the casual clothes.

The Lacoste Shirts manage to dress all athletes in the world and all persons who need a casual outfit that allows them to dress in a comfortable and simple way while expressing great elegance.

Early after, other lines of clothing of this brand were created, along with the Sports Clothing display. In 1958 it is created the first Lacoste Tennis shoes, providing a great comfort for all the players of this famous sport. Later they try to take part in the children textile area.

In 1963 Lacoste achieves to create the first steel-made racket, obtaining a great success among all the Tennis Players. Besides, in 1966 he gets to create the first hunting jacket which later is used frequently in all the Tennis matches.

He wins the right to design a uniform for the National French Team, what allows him to obtain great fame around the world, and positions the Lacoste Brand in an international level of prestige and success.

From 1971 he starts performing as the official sponsor of the famous Roland Garros Tournament, what makes him personage followed by millions of athletes around the world. The Lacoste Shirts represent an unmistakable style among all the sports clothing.

The Lacoste clothes outages are manufactured with plenty style and elegance allowing to keep the comfort in every movement the body does.

This Shirts represent an elegant Sports Style, and that’s why its confection is based on high-standard pre-washed fabrics, to warrantee they can maintain their original colors and the design of the prints in the most optimal and lasting way.

While Rene Lacoste was alive he belonged to the official designing team of his product, taking part in the process with all his knowledge to improve the textile designs and attain the best performance on the Tennis Court.

Nevertheless, he devoted himself to spread his brand, making sure it always kept the highest quality in its designs.

After he passed away his family took possession of his legacy, his son became the head of the textile design company, keeping untouched all the instructions Rene fervently defended, as the quality, the elegance and the comfort in each of his famous designs.