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The sweatshirts were conceived as a garment of cotton or any other light fabric, to be used by athletes in order to help them to sweat, for warm-up or training. Currently it has stopped being a purely sporting garment, to become a garment that can be used with any style, that is why the best designers have created their own models and giving them the particular touch of the brand, such as the Armani Sweatshirts.

They are a type of very elegant, versatile garments that adapt to any look and to the particular style of each person, among the materials used for the elaboration of these garments is the virgin wool, they have a laminated print with the logo of the brand, They usually have a kangaroo front pocket and a drawstring hood.  These are some very comfortable pieces and have become a common element in any wardrobe, they complement the outfit and adapt to any season.

They are used by teenagers and adults, men and women. They are very practical and comfortable. There are many models of sweatshirts that this firm has depending on their use, then each one is presented with its description: Hooded sweatshirt without zipper: it usually has a strip on the hood for adjustment. Its shape is loose, so it's easy to put it on.

This type of sweatshirt is perfect for sports, since it allows you to concentrate the heat on physical activity, as well as being perfect for winter days, thanks to the material of which it is made. No hood and no pockets: it's very simple, it has a round neck, which makes it very versatile for any occasion, since it can be perfectly combined with a dress shirt, allowing you to protect yourself from the cold while still wearing casual clothes.

Hooded with zipper: is the traditional sweatshirt, which has a zipper in the center, this model is excellent for exercise, also have lots of designs that adapt to you.

Hooded with half zipper: The zipper goes from the neck to the middle of the torso, which helps to put it without any problem, and is perfect to wear with a dress shirt, in those days of winter, where we cannot stop going presentable to our workplace. Sweatshirts with hood and pockets: the pocket is in the shape of a kangaroo, attached in the center, this pocket is really useful, because we can place there our personal items if we go jogging with these sweatshirts.

With hood, pockets and a central zipper: it is the normal model, it differs by having a zipper at the center that allows it to be easier to put on and take off, their pockets are separated, since the zipper goes through the front. With hood, smooth and two zippers on the sides: this model is relatively new, and provides unparalleled elegance, in addition to these two zippers it has pockets, which will be really useful at all times.

Recommendations for the use of Armani sweatshirts for women

Next we present the options to wear this garment in a comfortable, fashionable way and that can look very well: It is a piece that every woman should have in her closet, you can use any day and time of the year, and will serve for a casual or sporty look. According to the look it can be combined with accessories.

It can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts and be complemented with sneakers. Recommendations for the use of Armani sweatshirts for men: It is recommended that it be of the correct size and the correct colors. It must be accompanied by the appropriate garments, in order to improve the style. It is a very versatile piece and should not be missing in any wardrobe.

General recommendations for the use of sweatshirts pure cotton designs are of better quality and more durable. The sweatshirts that do not have zippers look more elegant. To look good with a sweatshirt it must be the right size. They are more elegant unicolour sweatshirts.

Recommendations for the washing of the Armani Sweatshirts

They should be washed in a machine with a cycle for normal clothes at 40 ° C. Chlorine should not be used. Do not use dryer. If it is going to iron, it should be at an average temperature. It should be dried hanging. It should not be dry cleaned.