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If you are looking for something fashionable to wear or if you are looking for something nice for someone special, this is exactly where you need to be, with Barbour Sale. Here you’ll find a huge selection of jackets that are just perfect for any kind of man. So, no matter what kind of jacket you’re looking for, we definitely have the perfect model for matching you or your beloved man. Very versatile and combinable, our pieces match with any style and don’t worry about big sizes, we have it all! Just take a look at our selection and we promise you will return for some more!

Barbour jackets

Barbour is brand that has always represented style and elegance. The most stylish and sober men have always wanted a Barbour jacket; with our sober designs, men will always look at the best shape and our selection of dark wax makes our jackets top quality and unique pieces. London’s number one jacket brand will always keep you warm but also comfortable while you maintain that versatile and unique style that can accompany you everywhere. Besides, a Barbour jacket is always a lifetime purchase as our fine methods and materials will resist years of use, and if you give them the adequate maintenance, you probably won’t have to buy a casual/elegant jacket in a very long time.

Sizes and colors

We’ve always thought that you can’t take into consideration only one part of your audience;
  • all men need to keep their bodies warm during the tough winter weathers and also want to look approachable
  • smart
  • elegant and comfortable
  • must brands limit their sizes to a small part of the population and, if they have “not-regular” sizes, probably they will be sacrificing style
At Barbour, we want you all men to look stunning, sober and elegant while protecting yourself from cold, but we also understand that sometimes, men are just too big or puffed and it could be really hard to find an adequate jacket. If you’re in this group, worry not! Barbour will definitely have an incredible option for you as we make a big part of our design in al kind of sizes from XS to XLLL which will definitely fit you no matter what your height and weight are. But, does this mean that you’ll have a trash bag over you? NO, in Barbour, as we said before, we believe you have the right to look as elegant as you are no matter your size. So every jacket we make, big or small, counts with the same care, love and dedication and the materials are always the same: high-quality wax to guarantee you’ll always be comfortable, warm, elegant and won’t have to change your jacket every year. About the colors, as we believe in sobriety and classic elegance, we don’t believe in making these stylish jackets out of scandalous colors, we believe in matching and combining stunning sober color jackets with all the colors you’d like in your other clothes. So, Barbour jackets only come in black, navy blue and dark green and red. (which are very alike colors in the dark shade)

Biker selection of Barbour

If you’re one of those road dogs and enjoy having long trips on your bike, you know cold could be definitely a problem. That’s why in Barbour we have “Barbours international” a special collection dedicated to those ones that enjoy the road. Also, we celebrate with this ultimate style our international heritage of more than 80 years of tradition since we were born in 1936.

Why buying Barbour jackets and what else we have to offer

As we mentioned before, Barbour is definitely a brand of tradition and with tradition comes quality; if your products are not really good, you probably won’t last that long as a brand. So, what we offer is the perfect style for the classy man of today, with the versatility and simple look that we always want. Both elegant and casuals, our jackets will fit with anything you wear. And even if you don’t know what to wear with your new jacket, we have the solution for you as we also offer a selection of fashionable and amazing shirts that are perfectly designed to match every Barbour jacket. We even offer a selection of unisex clothing and jackets that are perfect for men and for the most practical women that enjoy a more sober style.