Armani Exchange Collection

Armani Exchange is the most juvenile and urban line from the renowned fashion house by Giorgio Armani. With a rebel and careless style, the garments and accessories from the Exchange collections are ideal to show all that irreverence that so much identifies the youth of today.

The man that wants to follow the latest Street trends, with high-quality clothes and the best pricing of Armani, can’t miss all the fashion Armani Exchange has to offer in this new collection; a huge fan of possibilities just for you, with all the glamour and elegance of Armani taken to a city style, with the freshness that this season requires ¡Look like a celebrity!

Armani Exchange collection

Spring/summer campaign 2018

Once again, Armani decides to take maximum advantage of the rebel and simple style with a fresh campaign where open spaces are the perfect background to highlight the brand’s characteristics in a playful and distorted way.

For doing this, Armani Exchange’s logo suffers a series of fragmentations and dispersion for reflecting the diversified personality of the joyful and unconcerned young men of today.

The simplicity that this line follows, accompanied by a series of neutral colors seasoned with some reds and blues, plus a preference for unicolor and simple patterns (Highlighting the A/X logo) give this collection a fresh and light tone, ideal for the climate and spirit of the season.

The man that looks forward to looking good and feel comfortable will find in this collection a great variety of ideal outfits for enduring the warmest time of the year without losing that characteristic category and grace.

With renewed energy and spirit, the designs applied to the distorted logo in this Spring/summer collection keep that transgressor nature that is so classic in the Exchange line, with dispersing patterns that remind some chaos but with a higher subtlety than previous collections.

This way, the regular Exchange client can maintain the irreverent and insolent style and still be in harmony with the tones and fashion elements of this season.

But freshness and insolence are not the only shades that can be found in this light collection but also comfort and action as all the models, including slim pants, shorts, shirts, and Tees, allows the user to have great mobility for enjoying all the activities that are so common of the warm season without their style representing limits. Armani Exchange celebrates lightness and freedom of all men with this Spring/summer collection!

Armani Exchange shoes

Armani Exchange for mens

Armani Exchange collection for men is without a doubt the principal target of this Brand; with countless pieces of shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, slim fit pants, shorts and accessories, including shoes and sneakers, bags and swimwear etc. The modern youngster and the contemporary adult can create a wardrobe that covers all the needs of active men of today.

Besides, the whole clothing and accessory line are specially designed so men can combine them with each other in different ways so, when buying Armani Exchange, customers are not only buying great clothes but also buy a lot of possibilities, ¡Achieve that sober, upstage, and careless look that identifies you without spending hours looking for new clothes!

Armani Accessories

Finally, one of the best parts of this new collection Armani is their accessory section. Ideal for giving that unique touch to every clothing or vary a base garment to create a casual or more dared outfit, there’s a huge series of accessories in both bright and neutral colors that will perfectly complement the wardrobe.
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