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BEST Belstaff Jackets


Belstaff has built a strong reputation as one of the most recognized brands in the world, and is that Belstaff jackets despite being born as Stone island clothing for riders, bikers and aviators that slowly became popular among celebrities and People who want this in style because the robust design of these British garments offer unparalleled comfort and style.

Belstaff jacket beginning

Born as a motorcycle brand in the mid-20s, its creator Harry Gosberg had felt the need to create a garment that was resistant and waterproof to enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle without weather conditions ruining the ride and in 1943 he launched the Belstaff Black Prince jacket, which is the best-selling waterproof jacket in the world thanks to its waxed cotton fabric that allows it to repel water and keep anyone who wears it protected.

During the fifties, Belstaff jackets became very famous thanks to its robust construction and sophisticated design that allows them to maintain body temperature without having to limit the movements of the person.

For what they stopped being an exclusive garment for bikers and began to slowly enter the world of casual wear.

The popularity of Belstaff jackets grew so much that a new design was made called Belstaff Trialmaster based on the design of the jackets of the famous professional motorcyclists Phil Reid and Sammy Miller of which according to an urban legend, this was the favorite model of Che Guevara and that he used one of them in his tour of Matanzas during the Cuban revolution.

The push to the stardom of the Belstaff jackets was made in the sixties, when Steven McQueen starred in the movie The Great Escape in which he wore a Belstaff Trialmaster jacket that gave him an air of elegance and sportiness with a bit of British sophistication.

In addition to that rock n 'roll was beginning to take over the world and the young rockers began to implement these particular items of clothing because their robust design gave them an image of "bad boy" that fit perfectly with the philosophy Hedonist and rebel rock n 'roll, so the Belstaff jackets became the banner par excellence of an urban culture that was the opposite of the strict military order that wore Belstaff jackets just half a decade ago.

And although Belstaff jackets have always been associated with adventure, style, passion, sportiness and functionality because these were designed for bikers, soldiers, sailors and riders, they have known how to maintain this image over the years.

Despite the fact that the public that uses them now is much more diverse and that is why the search for comfort and practicality through new materials is something that will never stop within this British fashion house. For them Belstaff jackets must be aware of the latest trends in good clothes, but without having to abandon the legacy that made them famous decades ago.

Belstaff jacket design

According to Delphine Ninous, creative director of Belstaff, the inspiration to create Belstaff jackets must seek innovation without having to forget the DNA of the brand. Which means that the new Belstaff jackets are based on previous models in one way or another, from the design of the pockets, closures, some drawing or the type of used material.

Then they begin to add new elements so that the design looks fresh and current without losing its identity.

Since for Belstaff the fact that a garment marked a bygone era, does not mean that it should not look modern to adapt to the current era without forgetting that it should keep its users comfortable, fresh and dry even in the most difficult conditions. adverse.

Belstaff, despite always maintaining innovation and tradition as its main objective, was involved in economic difficulties in the nineties, although in 1996 the brand recovered some air because the Italian pilot Franco Malenotti helped the brand to create new designs with much newer materials.

But it was not until the year 2011 in which the Swiss brand Labelux bought Belstaff for the sum of 161 million dollars keeping all its staff.

Now under the direction of the former creative director of Burberry who was responsible for lifting the brand and launch the most modern and elegant Belstaff jacket models in its history.

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