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Sale of Polo Shirts in Maurice Boutique

This hot summer we make things easy for you in our online men's clothing store. We have the best discount polo shirts for men of the first international brands Lacoste, Armani, Hugo Boss among others. 

All of them characterized by having the best quality. If this summer you want to go to fashion without getting hot, we recommend that you take a look at the discounts we have especially for you in men's polos and discover all our brands.

A little history of the poles

This garment has its origin, as we can see from its own name, in the sport of polo, more specifically in India at the end of the nineteenth century. Soldiers of the British Crown, while besieging the Indian city of Manipur, observed a kind of game or sport known as polo. 

At the same time, they noticed the type of garments they wore, rather austere long-sleeved garments with no collar. It was these soldiers who included the collar with buttons that we know today. 

This favoured and much while the polo players rode on the horses. Little by little this sport gained more and more followers, reaching the British Isles back in 1862. From that time until now, this garment has become an authentic must have for any man who likes fashion.

The best polo shirts for today's man

As you well know, the short-sleeved polo shirt is undoubtedly the most popular garment worn by men during the summer season. It is a very versatile garment in terms of age as it is worn by both men. The offer available in Maurice Boutique of this garment is very varied. 

You can find extensive catalogs, with different colors, designs or finishes. Below we show you the ones that, for us, are the best polo shirts for men that you can find and most importantly, with the best price in the market.

Polos Lacoste

In Maurice Boutique we only work with the best and most important brands in the world of fashion and therefore we have a more than extensive catalogue in polos de Lacoste for men on offer. All our models are 100% original and none of that imitation, here no.

lacoste polos for men

We have all kinds of models of Lacoste polos, in different colors and designs that are very easy to combine. You can combine it perfectly with jeans or jeans or, now that we are in summer, with shorts to go elegant wherever you go. If you want to get discounted Lacoste polo shirts at the best market price, we have them all on our website.

Polos Armani

The garments of this legendary Italian firm are a worldwide reference due to their magnificent quality and exclusivity. Under this firm we not only find their famous polo shirts and the same presents all kinds of high-line clothing as well as fashion accessories or perfumes. In Maurice we offer you the best models of the line of polos Emporio Armani, with the best prices in the market. 

Enjoy the highest quality of this great fashion brand. We have all kinds of polos in different colors and different finishes so you can combine them this summer in the best way you want.

Polos Hugo Boss

Apart from the 2 brands mentioned above, in our men's clothing online shop we also offer you the collection of Hugo Boss polo shirts in Outlet. We have the best and cheapest prices in this kind of gentlemen's garment. 

It's perfect if you combine it with shorts or even with your own swimsuit. This way, this summer you will always be in fashion, be it at the beach, in the swimming pool or relaxing with a refreshing drink on any terrace. Our Hugo Boss Polos are totally original as it could not be otherwise, with different prints, colors and designs.

Avail yourself now of the Maurice Boutique discounts.


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Polo Shirt Lacoste Sport - Mango

61.74$ 88.20$ (-30%)

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