Best Stone Island Jackets 【2018】

BEST Stone Island Jackets 2018


We all know that the casual fashion of clothing originated in the United States in the mid-50s and this style quickly spread throughout the world because it is simple to wear and quite practical when choosing combinations.

But you do not have to give up elegance if you have to dress casually. A stone island jacket is the key for it.

Premium stone island jacket

The Italian brand Stone Island knows this need perfectly and that is why it has focused on producing the best casual garments, among which the Stone Island jackets stand out, that carry a marked Italian style that perfectly combine with the style of the casual clothing of millions of people around the world, making this brand one of the leaders in the casual jackets and clothing market in various parts of the world for decades.

And it is that the Stone Island jackets has dressed from athletes like Pete Sampras or Kevin Griffith Jr.

To musicians like Drake or Travis Scott that proudly wear the iconic arm patch that defines Stone Island as one of the best clothing brands in the world. When it comes to dressing casually without having to give up the style.

In the rap scene Stone Island jackets have forged a great reputation among artists, since they have an urban lime that fits perfectly to the bling of the accessories although until today there are still discrepancies about who was the first rapper to use Stone jackets Island, since some chroniclers of this urban rhythm affirm that it was Biggie Smalls while others suppose that it was Tupac Shakur, which also created a strong rivalry within the world of rap in matters of costume.

"The Stone Island jackets are a reference of design within the history of contemporary culture," says Ollie Evans, who is one of the most famous sellers of the Stone Island brand in London.

He also says that the Stone Island jackets Classic cut are the most sought after models that travel from various parts of the world to your store in order to find the Stone Island jacket of your dreams.

Ollie Evans says he started working with the Stone Island brand since 1999 when he attended a soccer game in Birminghan and noticed the beautiful clothes the local team wore before the game started.

Evans also explained that the Stone Island jackets have acquired cult status throughout Europe from the moment the first model was launched, since in the 80s in Italy, the young people of Paninaro began to adopt a style of dress inspired by the United States of the 50s without losing the sporty style that characterizes Italians.

And when the soccer world cup happened in 1990, various fans from different parts of the world began to complement their clothing with Stone Island jackets, so in addition to taking a souvenir from Italy they could also wear it everywhere without losing their style. .

Today, Stone Island jackets are much more than a garment used by young Italians and football fans, those have become a standard of male casual wear, since the iconic arm patch is a symbol of dressing well without losing the spontaneity.

Stone island jacket styles

It is very easy to know why the military-inspired design of the Stone Island jackets have earned the labels of "the most masculine jackets on the market", "Stone Island, the brand for real men" or "The most resistant market. "

After all, Stone Island jackets have revolutionized the market because they are a fresh product made with the latest technologies and traditional manufacturing techniques to ensure quality above all.

Since Massimo Osti founded Stone Island in 1982 with other brands, he was always pursuing the highest standards of quality in his garments and although he left the company in 1995 to found Massimo Osti Productions, he left all his knowledge and techniques to do of the Stone Island jackets the best in the world.

Since he was the man who took the security reflective elements and the color-changing polyurethane ribbons that are used in the militia and security stations to bring them to the world of casual fashion for men through the world-renowned Stone jackets Island that are one of the best legacies in terms of casual clothing refers to the last 35 years.

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