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Emporio Armani Collection

Emporio Armani collection is without a doubt the most particular collection on Armani; bold yet refined, with styles and thematic addressed to men and women of all ages, this line can satisfy the most eccentric or classic tastes, adapting not just to the person but also to the occasion.

Dedicated to a not so irreverent yet very original audience, colors and latest fashion trends give Emporio a universal reach with fine pieces for fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts around the globe.

Nevertheless, the urban style won’t completely abandon some of the garments within this collection, so we can combine the glamour and elegance of Armani with a touch of street. In this season, the New Year and the “Year of the dog” and the individuality are the protagonists of this collection.

Everybody has a different story… And everybody wears Emporio Armani

In this new concept inserted by Emporio Armani for the last collection, the idea is to celebrate the individuality around the world and the differences that make us unique but also unites us as humanity.

This way, the general concept of the collection has a less unified touch but the printing, the stamp and the fabrics with an Asiatic hint give it an original style and integrate the collection for combining the models in a way that adapts better to the individuality of every person.

We are all very different and this is what Armani wants to express in this collection, that’s why the pieces are as variable as human beings are. The Emporio Armani line looks forward to serving as a bridge between the most radical collection which is Armani Exchange and the most elegant and high-couture, Armani Collezione.

In this sense, the variety of clothes we find in Emporio, not only diverges in the designs of the stamp and the designs between garments but also allows to find casual clothes for daily events and most formal suits for special occasions.

Emporio Armani embraces Asia more than ever in this Spring/Summer 2018

Asian hints have always been a signature of this recognized Brand. Nevertheless, in this 2018, Giorgio Armani gives a higher importance to Chinese and Japanese motives than he has ever done, bringing a strong presence into his spring/summer collection.

From The very beginning of the year, with the “year of the dog motive” Emporio Armani had seen Chinese motives with a dog in red and blue tone. Even though the dog is relegated to the T-shirt motive in the new collection, it’s definitely present and the blue and red tones play along with the neutrals to give dynamism and youth to the collection.

For Spring/Summer, layers are protagonists of the collection, playing smoothly with exotic fabrics where the subtleness of chinesse silk gives a delicate finish to the cuts. Despite this tender hint, the collection is imbued in the rigid codes of the martial artist, but also in their necessity of mobility, creating a fluid harmony between smoothness and firmness.

Japanese urbanism is also present and mixed with the classic, resulting in modern bomber jackets with classic Japanese painting motives, combined with light samurai-cut pants, with string attach instead of the regular bottom and zip.

Japanese Hakamas and Kimonos also have their place in the collection, making spring/summer 2018 a line where androgynies enter de scene alongside with the samurai sobriety, creating a delicate yet extremely viral pattern.

Just as Asian philosophy, the strength resides in balance and with this new collection, Emporio Armani has given a new force to what “masculinity” means.

Emporio Armani for men

Asian patter then, is applied in an original way, creating ideas and garments that mix subtly the east and west styles, creating a particular time funnel.

In this sense, the collection counts with 2 different lines besides the accessories:

Zen garden: following the Asian line, this collection offers precisely that sensation of a garment that gets lost in time; the combination of zen fabrics and motives offers a mysterious and calmed appearance for the reserved man that also likes to look fashionable. A little bit more formal, but with the modern touch, this line includes very particular jackets, t-shirts, shirts, shoes and pants for the most eccentric and refined tastes.

Formal: of course Emporio Armani couldn’t miss the “special occasion” line, as formal style is the firm of this recognized brand. Con real fine snakeskin and high-quality leather, the accessories of this line offer modern and distinct cuts integrates with the classic elegance of the neutral colors unstamped. As the whole collection, the suits are always stamped with a Japanese style, especially the pants where the Samurai and Kimono style diverge in a fan of models that combine the Asian extreme with an occidental hint. On the other side, the jackets are a Little bit more classical, but there’re also extreme Asian patterns for adapting to everyone’s taste.

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