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Lacoste Polo, the Star


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Polo, Lacoste Star

One of the more versatile men’s garment for dress are the Lacoste Polo. All gentlemen must have a few in his clothes collection. A Lacoste Polo shirt it’s a t-shirt that we can use with elegance in many moments, especially in summer time, as much for a important social events to practice sports. You can combine your Lacoste Polo with long or short pants, with or without jacket: it’s your choice.

The perspiration made it the perfect garment for the summer time, especially for men’s who has a refined taste for clothes and trends. Its very usual to see Polo Shirts in tennis court, golf course, beach’s and any place in the city.

Polo (men): The name of a big brand

Lacoste Polo in short or long sleeves, sport, casual, elegant, stripes…it’s doesn’t matter: speak about Lacoste Polo its synonymous of quality and style. Speak about Lacoste Polo its being on another level, its not any Polo otherwise a brand that carry out for years taking pleasure with really superior quality garments.

All stars at the beginnings of the twenties when René Lacoste, a successful tennis player, decided to brake up rules and encourage a different dress style for tennis players. And from this moment, the crocodile open out, became popular and triumph all over the world.

The products includes t-shirts, coats, scarfs, swimsuits, gloves, all that we can imagine, not only for men, as well for women and kids. But the first ones, the classical, the all life ones always will be the Lacoste Polo (men).

Don´t accept fake: only original Lacoste Polo

Just buy originals Lacoste Polo, we tell you why.

When something its really good quality begins the imitations all around the world, especially now in Asian countries. But what happen if you don’t buy original Lacoste Polo Shirts? Immediately breaks out, the material wont have the same quality, knitting will make balls, sewing will broke and will be clear that it wasn’t a original Lacoste Polo.

Do you think that´s the way to be a really gentleman?

Why a Lacoste Polo and not others brands?

If really the Lacoste Polo were the first, they are not the one. Today all the big brands, even more the luxury and high range have Polos in their collections. Isn’t strange to ear names like Polo Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger beside the Lacoste Polo and however they keep being the bestseller. The reasons are clear:

·       Quality at prices that anyone with touch of class can pay for it.

·       Great colors and design selections.

·       Different materials for find the best for your comfort.

·       The Lacoste Original Polo fit to anybody.

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