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Stone Island Sweatshirts

Stone Island is one of the most recognized menswear brands in the world and today, it lives a very important moment in its history, because thanks to this talented artist named drake, Stone Island sweaters have become a historical reference of pop culture of this decade.
In fact, every time Drake acquires a new Stone Island sweashirts and sweters, the stock of all Stone Island stores and chains is instantly depleted.


Stone island sweatshirt and sweaters

The latest trend of the Stone Island sweaters consists of a fabric made with a combination of cotton with polyurethane and satin that, in addition to creating a waterproof fabric, is also quite resistant without forgetting the classic casual style of this Italian firm, which fully complies with the famous phrase of Stone Island "Real clothes for Real boys".

Although beyond the trend driven by Drake, the Stone Island sweaters gained notoriety among men in the early nineties with the explosion of britpop that began to take over the world thanks to Oasis, as the Gallagher brothers wore sweaters in their presentations Stone Island with zippers and turtles necks For what the brand founded in 1982 by Massimo Osti was initially born as a sports brand that could be used as safety clothing.

It ended up becoming one of the maximum exponents of the X generation clothing, since The stone sweaters of the island look good with any garment, but it also allows you to be cool, it does not matter if it's hot or cold or if you're in indoor or outdoor spaces, because the Stone Island sweaters adapt perfectly to these situations without having to give up your style.

Stone island is trending topic

That's why, in 2018, Stone Island sweaters became fashionable again as they did in the late eighties and nineties because their styles have a cyclical lifestyle that forms a timeless trend thanks to its excellent manufacturing quality that allows them to be combined with any type of clothing without affecting the personal style.
Although it is well known to the general public that a brand as renowned as Stone Island will never lose its popularity because it is a fundamental brand within the casual clothing of the contemporary era to the point that Stone Island sweaters ceased to be a sportswear more to be a reference in casual fashion.
Another factor that has made the famous sweaters of Stone Island is that the brand founded by Massimo Osti has collaborated for years with other fashion houses to offer really impressive sets. 

That allows stealing the attention of all eyes. The usual collaborators of Stone Island are: Shadow Project and its scarves made of ultra resistant iridescent nylon and Churchill that offers casual pants loaded with style that together with the Stone Island sweaters provide an informal and modern attire.

And the way in which Stone Island sweaters have become the most used in the world is because Stone Island is a company that is always innovating with new manufacturing techniques and fabrics to create attractive, durable and that combine with virtually any occasion.

The Stone Island sweaters due to their recognized fame all over the world have become susceptible to imitations and for this, since 2014 Stone Island has equipped them with an authenticity verification system through the "Certilogo" technology that consists of a 12-digit code and a QR code or it can be scanned through a QR reader or simply by sending an email with the code written to Stone Island or by entering the code on the Stone Island website to verify the authenticity of the piece.

The identity and perception of men who wear sweaters Stone Island is recognized and ratified instantly, since clothing that was once considered for workers and athletes has now become the banner of three different generations of pop culture that go a long way Beyond wearing a simple sweater. it is simply to live with style and know how to use it and to think that everything started when Massimo Osti took care of a series of fluorescent coatings and ended up discovering almost by accident a special fabric Ultra resistant and soft to the touch to design jackets for the Italian Armada.
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