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Armani, a symbol of fashion and luxury, thanks to its creator, Giorgio Armani,active till today, born in 1937 in  Piacenza, a small village nearby to the city of Milan, who in the beginning was not focused on the world of fashion;  Mr. Armani was passionated by the human body for which he started to study medicine, but within a short time took a drastic turn and started working for Cerrutti among other prestigious firms where Armani went on forming himself, acquiring a passion for clothing's, till the year 1975, when G.Armani and his friend and partner,Sergio Galeotti, opened their first shop of Armani clothing's.

As time went by, the Armani universo grew to heights unimaginable in their biginings, when it was a priority to design models of exclusive clothing's, getting to create a line of chocolates, Armani Dolci, cosmetics and perfumes for men and women under Armani cosmetics, including Armani hotels, the first being inaugurated in 2009 in Dubai, with a Project of seven hotels of grand luxury where Giorgio Armani would be responsible for the interior design and accessories.

Fame, luxury and Armani clothing's, go hand in hand, as the most famous artists wear the exclusive designs created by the fashion guru, as well as G.Armani is known, in the most important prize galas in the world, where multiple actors of cinema and theatre dress the clothing's created by the italian designer, Armani.

Armani achieves in the 80s to revive the fashion of wearing jackets, being converted into a proof of identity of the firm, forgotten in the previous decades, obtaining to get back the Jacket into fashion in men´s wear, which in the present is a total “in” for different types of looks, always accompanied by the successful trousers and jeans, elaborated with unique material of an innovative and sophisticated aspect of the clothing of Armani Jeans man´s collection, accompanied by T-shirts of an exclusive design and cut, always well combined by wind Armani, finally with footwear and shoes of the collection of Armani Jeans men ´s clothing.

As also the Emporio Armani Tracksuit collection of accessories, t shirts, swimming costumes, towels, where the masculine underwear always offers soft qualities which adapt perfectly to his necessities.

All the Armani mens clothing's, can be found in our online Armani shop where we offer the most fashionable Armani jackets and windbreakers, as well as the Armani t shirts for men, and incredible trousers and jeans for  men, furthermore the exclusive Armani accesories, and the masculine underwear, the innovative and comfortable Armani slippers and shoes, at the best prices with free delivery.

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