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Hackett London, founded by Jeremy Hackett and his partner Ashley Lloyd-Jennings en the year 1979 in Portobello Road, a street in the Notting Hill neighbourhood of the Royal Borough of Kensington in Chelsea, on the west of London.

Early years were not easy for the Founder and the President of the English fashion brand garments Hackett London for men. Brought up and educated in Clifton school, Bristol, he left school at the age of seventeen, to work fulltime in a men´s garments shop where he had worked as a child on Saturday evenings to earn some extra money.   

After a year Jeremy Hackett moved to the English capital, London, to work in Savile Row, at Mayfair street, London, famous for its made to order tailoring shops for men.

In those days, he started thinking of putting up his own business, Hackett. He used to buy and sell as well second hand garments, acquired in the marketplaces of London, and in those days he met his first future partner Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, with whom he shared the taste for the English fashion.

Anecdote: In one of the interviews at the inauguration of a  Hackett shop in Spain, the reporter enquired Jeremy Hackett about  the best advice which received at his beginning, “the garment must always be labelled, if it is not, better not to exhibit it” he replied. This advice had been applied to his successful brand Hackett , for men´s outfits since its beginning .

In 2007 J. Hackett published his book, MrClassic, for which he received multiple praises from fashion magazines and famous international bloggers like Men´s Health, who catalogued the book as a “must-have”, indispensable to the world of tailoring and fashion.

Through the years the British company Hackett wear, expanded and became famous throughout the world. Its classical style and at the same time fashionable, caused sensation and won followers among men.


In 2005, the British brand Hackett, signed a contract with Aston Martin Racing from which it became the official sponsor of this automotive brand and dressed their official team. This agreement allowed the creation and sales of a collection of garments and accessories, Hackett- Aston Martin, being their special designs, one of the most awaited each new season.

The peak point of the season for the Aston Martin team had been the famous 24 hours race of Le Mans, in which they have the custom to get on the podium to receive the prize, always dressed with Hackett brand clothing. 

Hackett created a large collection of clothing for the Aston Martin Racing brand, such as Coats and Jackets, always with their logo and a style which evokes to race in the automotive world, as they are well known for the exclusive design of their polos, as well as its accessories with details of  high quality and finishing, worth seeing. Available in our online shop under the  Hackett-Aston Martin´s  fashions, where you can find a complete collection of this British brand at the best price, and free delivered.

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