Hackett Polo - Mix Win Trim

Hackett Polo - Mix Win Trim

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Grey Hackett Polo Aston Martin Racing - Badge
The prestigious Hackett brand was founded in London by Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings. The first store that was established only sold used clothes.

This renowned company expanded significantly over the years, increasing the number of branches and managing to manufacture and design their own products.

In 1989 he began his great expansion, getting great fame in Spain through its main branch in Madrid. In 2005, the Spanish investment company Torreal SCR, SA buys from Hackett Limited.

Polos Hackett represents one of the most sought-after items of this famous brand.

The Hackett brand is a synonym for quality in its creations

Polos Hackett manages to exalt the masculinity of the traditional British man. In the beginning, the second-hand clothes sold by Hackett managed to capture a large part of the distribution points in the best markets in the world. When starting to manufacture a new line of products they achieve a resounding success in the different international markets.

This line of sportswear is born from the love for polo. This start is due to two army officers who manage to contact the Hackett Company in their search for a sponsor for their Polo Team event. This equipment belongs to the Guards Polo Club. This significant moment frame for the company the beginning in the creation of sportswear and casual.

The promotion of this company is carried out since 1988 significantly on public roads

Advertising about the brand and the different products it manages began to be commercialized from 1988, in all the public places around the world and exhibiting its entire line. In the year 2017 this company takes a big boost, mobile advertising in buses and public places gave the necessary boost to the brand.

The Hackett Poles became famous all over the world, being commercialized in 15 European countries in a massive way besides Japan, South Africa, Kuwait and Johannesburg.

In 2009 this brand sponsors tennis in a strong way, managing to introduce its entire line of sportswear and getting all the players of the Davis Cup. In 2010 he achieved sponsorship of the official clothing of the team I Lotus Fl Team.

This sponsorship managed to capture the image of the whole team wearing the Hackett Poles. In 2012 the brand manages to introduce and dress men in the famous film awards of the renowned British Academy, achieving a great impact by the sobriety of their creations and their style that manages to enhance masculinity in each creation.

Exclusive designs for men's clothing define the basic line of this prestigious brand

You will find a wide variety of designs of men's clothing to complement the contemporary man's attire. Polo’s Hackett was conceived at the beginning to standardize the sports teams.

Currently the poles are located between the line of shirts and elegant casual shirts, when we express ourselves in relation to fashion and formality.

You will find in the current market a great variety of poles that, although they were originally designed as part of some sports uniform, underwent a great metamorphosis adding color to each design and manufacturing them with innovative models of different textures in order to be combined with different garments, without losing its elegance.

The definition in its cuts in the design of poles makes it different from a flannel or conventional shirt. Hackett has endowed this wonderful garment with great distinction and a quite sophisticated style.

The informality of a pole represents the symbolism of true masculine elegance, enhancing its manly lines. If the polo to use is white much better because it is possible to combine it with any garment and style.

The weather is also a major factor when we select some clothing style

Although it seems very obvious, one must be aware that the weather will determine the clothes to be used. In the moments of choosing the style it is probable that we feel intimidated by the established climate.

At that moment we realize how important and decisive it is to select the right clothes for every occasion. Hackett poles are ideal to complement men's clothing. In summer season, the climate can reach 40 ° C at that moment when the poles are ideal to be used.

The man who uses the appropriate clothing manages to fully enjoy the climate established in each of the seasons. In winter seasons it is common for the most used garment to be long sleeve shirts to protect against inclement weather.

However, there are cities where the predominant climate is tropical and the clothes that are usually used despite being casual must convey elegance and enhance the presence and masculinity of each man. Hackett represents a brand that manages to express elegance at all times.

As the time has elapsed the design forms of this famous brand have achieved greater prestige and have enhanced the masculine personality. The designs of this house of fashions are made based on the different tasks that the man can carry out, getting the brand to take root in the daily dress.

The costumes also have well-defined styles to enhance the masculine elegance in each social event. The personalized polo is framed in a well-defined context and Hackett is at the forefront of these designs with excellent sobriety and great style.

The different fabrics that are used for the manufacture of these flannels must have a double stitched in their seams as well as a good reinforcement in the joints of the shoulders and the neck. In the same way the double seam should extend to the openings in the sides of the pole.

As for the size this should be quite tight to enjoy a great comfort. The quality of the fabric will be decisive in the durability of this garment.