Harmont and Blaine

Harmont and Blaine

Italian men clothing

The Italian fashion company Harmont and Blaine was introduced in Capri, in 1995 which experienced great success.

From then onwards Harmont and Blaine grows and firmly establishes in the market of men´s clothing , becoming a worldwide men brand for fashion, thanks to its strong basic values, being the watchword of the trade mark Harmont and Blaine, made in Italy.   

Harmont and Blaine, presents a distinct style of Mediterranean origin, an exclusive position at a luxurious stage, clothes and accessories of quality, informal style, and absolute comfort as fundamental principle of Harmont and Blaine.

The Harmont and Blaine collection with its creative logo, a Bazzet race sausage dog, owes its name due to the history of Duke  Harmont and his faithful dog Blaine which used to accompany him in his thrilling trips on board of his sailboat, in search of the most exclusive textile materials which he offered to the Kings and the high European personalities of the era.

Duke Harmont and Blaine, docked at the port of Naples after his expeditions to order the tailoring of his textile artwork with the materials acquired through his sea trips to the best designers of the time.

As of today Duke Harmont and Blaine, his faithful dog are remembered for their elegant style and charisma.

In honour of these values and the search for singularity, the collections of the garments Harmont and Blaine

provide fresh colours with materials of highest quality and a unique confection en their shirts, trousers, polos and Jackets,  with a special and innovative style that only Harmont and Blaine clothing are able to give to its creations.

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