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Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss, the most international German brand for clothings, was born in the second decade of the 20th century, in 1924, in a small town of Stuttgurt, precisely in Metziengen, a place where, still today, Hugo boss maintains his factory and head offices.

Its founder Hugo Ferdinand Boss, born in 1885, gave name to the clothing brand Hugo Boss. He began to be recognised for his men wear range of clothing focused on the German industry employees, together with the post ministry, where he produced Hugo Boss waterproof coats and Jackets with a special material to support the hard German winters, step by step he went on increasing his work  and production for the Police uniforms. He even launched a sports wear collection for the brand Hugo Boss. However, in 1931, due to the great recession  in Germany, he was forced to declare his company into bankruptcy.

However, months later he acquired a contract with the German government to create the Military uniforms.

Having expired in 1948, the company returned to its origins of manufacturing, and it was not till 1970 when the Hugo Boss clothing begins to operate internationally, introducing a range of dress suits, and Hugo Boss clothing’s for men.

Currently, Hugo Boss is being administrated by Pernia group, with an income target of 750 million euros annually.

The Hugo Boss polo shirts collections are based on elegance and sophistication, choosing and studying the materials and tendencies which the markets demand in order to create high standard clothes and focusing them to their various collections, converting these points as a base of their different collections of clothing and accessories as are its collections of  Hugo Boss black, Hugo Boss Green, Hugo Boss Orange or Hugo.

Hugo Boss Black, also known as Boss, a men´s collection, addressed to a demanding public that includes a complete look based on jackets, coats. Elaborated with exclusive materials and patterns, as are its cotton shirts with a perfect collar to flaunt a casual and formal look, five pocket trousers like jeans, dress suits, cardigans of the best merino wool and in different colours, being its men´s handbags and the masculine underwear a musthave in your cupboard, being able to find all the Hugo Boss collection in our online menswear in Maurice boutique where we offer you the Hugo Boss apparels at the best Price.

Hugo Boss Green, a men´s collection, created at first to dress the Formula One pilots of Maclaren team and derived to a special collection for playing Golf, which developed until a collection for all, with highlighted Hugo Boss logos, bright colours, and highlighting its materials and technical clothes with youthful and modern designs , offering garments different from the Hugo Boss black collection.

Where the Hugo Boss polos gain importance with incredible colours and textiles made with a unique tailoring together with the Hugo Boss Jackets and coats with the biker cut, windbreakers for playing Golf, the green collection Hugo Boss tracksuits for men, are one of the garments which have revived the fashion like Hugo Boss shoes and slippers, realized in high quality materials combining textures and colours which make it a unique offer in its arena. 

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