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Lacoste Cotton Jacket - Black
Lacoste CrewNeck Sweatshirt - Big Logo Navy Blue
Lacoste Hoodie Sweatshirt - Grey
The main purpose of the sweatshirts is to make people sweat and provide comfort when they are going to exercise. With the passage of time has become a very important piece for men and women of any age, currently not used only for sports, but is part of lots of people daily wardrobe. They are made with a warmer filling, with  different material from the outside, they come with an adjustable hood and a front pocket.

Lacoste Sweatshirts have adapted to the new trends of the time, so they have innovated their designs in the market, these are made with beautiful designs and with materials that care for the environment such as Pima cotton and everyone has a very colorful inscription with the figure that characterizes the Lacoste brand.

Design of Lacoste Sweatshirts

All sweatshirts of this brand are designed with a soft plush, some are made with a large hood with adjustable laces, others with a round neck, others have zippers, side or front pockets and will always have the figure that identifies the brand, an embroidered green crocodile placed any part of the sweatshirt. They are designed to be used by both men and women. Among the materials used in its preparation are the following
  1. A mixture of cotton plush.
  2. Cotton (83%).
  3. Polyester (17%).
  4. For the hood is used: cotton (100%).
  5. On the rib: Cotton (97%), Elastane (3%).

How to wear the sweatshirts of this great fashion firm?

There are many ways and styles to wear the Lacoste sweatshirts, among which are the following:
  1.  With a formal style: the sweatshirt is placed on top of a shirt, and the collar and cuff of the shirt are allowed to protrude from the sweatshirt. It can be used to go to work or to go for a walk or fun, it is recommended to use a hooded sweatshirt, preferably in dark colors, such as black, navy blue, military green or gray. You can add a coat to give it more elegance.
  2. With a sporty style: you can select the sweatshirt that you like, in any color, smooth or printed. You can wear a shirt that sticks out from under the sweatshirt. To have the sporty style must be combined with sweatpants or trousers.
  3. With a casual style: for this you must choose a sweatshirt of a neutral color, but must have prints, can be combined with worn jeans. This style will allow you to feel comfortable and simple.
  4. It can be used as an accessory: for this it must be tied around the neck or the waist, it must be with strong colors or very bold prints.
  5. The sweatshirts are ideal for winter, but the same is used at any time of year with only a pair of tight jeans and sneakers will always be fashionable, comfortable and very elegant.
  6. Achieving a layered style: this way of wearing sweatshirts is really wonderful, since it will allow you to protect yourself from the cold at all times, although this layered style, takes away a little prominence to the sweatshirt, you can be well dressed and warm for low temperatures. In order to achieve this style, you must put on a common shirt, then a sweatshirt with or without a zipper, and finally a coat, you must take care of the colors you wear, one of the easiest ways is to combine dark colors, such as black and the gray, to make a good contrast.
  7. Putting on a sweatshirt, should not be synonymous to look like you just woke up, on the contrary, it is good that the sweatshirts are tight to the body, and avoid large logos in the front, is best to wear sweatshirts with small details.
  8. Under a leather jacket: the combination of a sweatshirt, with a leather jacket tight to the body, will ensure success in clothing, as these two offer a casual style that can be look well on almost any occasion, They are also perfect to protect you from the cold.
  9. Sweatshirt with dressing cloths: this is a pretty risky look, however, if combined correctly can offer great results, one of the best ways to combine, is with a dressing shirt, tie, a sweatshirt half zipper and a suit or blazer, this combination is really excellent, as long as the color combination is maintained correctly.

Recommendations for the care of the Lacoste Sweats

  1. They should be machine washed in a cycle for normal clothes at 40 ° C.
  2. Do not use chlorine or bleach.
  3. Do not use dryer.
  4. Iron at medium temperature.
  5. Dry hung.
  6. Do not dry clean.