Lacoste, whenever we hear, read or see this word, it evokes in us the most famous crocodile in the world, born in 1927 and created by the renowned French tennis player Rene Lacoste, who converted it into a legend thanks to his achievements as a tennis player as well as a businessman, who became part of one of the most famous tennis teams, nicknamed as “The musketeers” getting to conquer five championships of the Davis Cup, over a total of seven grand slam matches like Ronald Garros, Wimbledon, among others.

The crocodile symbol Lacoste, began as a bet, which Rene made to his David Cup colleagues, when he saw in a window display a crocodile skin bag, commenting “if we win, i shall purchase this bag”, which did not happen in that occasion as they did not win in the American field: although from that time in year 1927, his colleagues nicknamed him “le crocodile”.

Rene Lacoste invented a new concept of fashion, using garments to acquire a “sportwear” tendency, which would become a total success being established till today as a sport wear fashion icon. He got associated with Andre Gillier, owner of the most important shirts company of the time. René created innovative cotton based material, the “pique” textile which was entailed, being totally exploited. Lacoste launched his first 1212 polo shirt Lacoste in white, firstly for playing tennis and golf, but later it became one of the best sold garment on the planet, becoming Lacoste Polo shirt the most renowned polo, with more than 100 colours in its pallet, as a result whenever a Lacoste crocodile is noticed, it makes the difference of being quality and comfort its watchword.

Within the following years the Lacoste brand kept on expanding with new designs and projects, and marketing all types of products, highlighting Lacoste footwear, Lacoste pullovers, developed with the best wool or cotton, as per season, Lacoste jackets, handbags and accessories, creating unique and original collection such as Lacoste Live, with the objective to get closer to the end consumer.

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