Legal note

Legal note

Legal notice

In order to accomplish what is stated in the Act 34/2002 of 11 July on

Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.
General information of the Website:
Holder: DANIEL LOPEZ PIEL hereafter the VENDOR
Address: 9 San Miguel St. 29620 Torremolinos
Contact: / +34 952 382 767
CIF/NIF: 25721509 B
The vendor refuses all responsibilities from the bad use of the shown
contents on these pages and keeps the right of updating, deleting or
establishing limits or restrictions at any time, permanent or temporarily.
1. Terms
The user must use the information on this website exclusively for its own
use and without any directly or indirectly commercial operations and
services of the contents that can be accessed.
The user is under the right conditions of free access to public information on
this site, even if the VENDOR keeps the access right in some sections and
services of the site. It is Vendor’s intention providing updated information
at any time. However, this information can have misprints or technical
mistakes and the VENDOR is not responsible of the suitable contents on the
2. Links
This website can have different links with other third parties which content
can change in a fast way by all characteristics on Internet. For this reason
the VENDOR is not responsible of general information, services and contents
of the website on third parties.
Any other page that can have access from the VENDOR one is independent
and the VENDOR has no control of the page contents. Moreover, a link
connected to any other page out from the Vendor’s one, does not mean that
it accepts or supports any responsibility for its content or use.

The seller does not accept responsibility for any communications including his name 

that have not previously been authorised by himself, S.A. Likewise, you are hereby 

informed that all communications concerning actions or calls for participation in any 

event related to the brand shall always be published on the official website or their 

official social profiles (twitter,facebook and instagram).

In the case the VENDOR could have any effective knowledge of the activity
or information to those links being unlawful or infringement on goods or
rights of third parties, susceptible of allowance, will act with due diligence to
cancel or spoil the relevant link as soon as possible.
3. Internet cookies
This website can have cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information in
text format that are downloaded to the user hard driver. When you Web
browser through the VENDOR site, the server can recognize the cookie and
provide information about the last web visit.
The user has the possibility of preventing cookies generation by clicking the
corresponding menu option in your Web browser, even though, it is possible
to have a wrong operation of the site.
We can have information from your computer, included your IP address,
your operating system and kind of browser for the system administration.
These are static data about how to browse our Website.
For this reason, we can have information about general use in our shop site
through the cookies file that is kept in your computer hard disk. Cookies
have information that is transferred to your computer hard disk.
Cookies help us improving our website and giving a better and personalized
service. What are cookies for?
-To estimate numbers and patterns of use.
-To store information about the preferences and to personalize our website
conforming our individual benefits.
-To speed up the search.
-To recognize you if you click again on our website.
You can deny accepting cookies if you activate the configuration on your
browse what allows you to refuse the cookies. Nevertheless, if you click
on this configuration you may not access to some site or get profit of
our services. Only if you adjusted your browser configuration by refusing
cookies, our system will not produce them.
4. Commerce and intellectual property rights
Rights reserved to the commercial and intellectual property (only
for information purposes and not restrictive for brands, logos, texts,
photography, icons, images, etc; as well as the graphic design, source
code and other software elements on this website); are vendor’s property.
Therefore, are under property rights intellectual and industrial protected by
the Spanish and International legislation.
Without previous sufficient written authorization by the VENDOR it is not
allowed to use, reproduce, transfer, manipulate or any other different
use that do not exceed from the necessary use of going to the site and
using the mentioned services. Accessing to provided services does not
mean a refuse, transfer, total or partial assignment of commerce and
intellectual property rights, no use rights, alteration, operation, copy or
public communication of these contents without the writing authorization of
the holders rights, visual rights and private security copy of those contents,
if that right to exercise the principle of fair trading, always unchanged the
commercial and intellectual property of the holder’s rights, just for personal
information and not commercial purposes. The responsibility resulted from
the use of those protected materials by the commercial and intellectual
property contents of this page correspond exclusively to the user.
5. Ethics and responsibility
The user compromises to:
a) Use the website contents and services properly, conforming to:
(I) Legislation applicable at any time; (II) General Website Use
Conditions; (III) Good manners and morality and (IV) public policy.
b) The user will be the only responsible of the false manifestation
and damages caused by the VENDOR or third parties for the given
information. Nonetheless, the user has to avoid:
• The non-authorized or fraudulent use of the Website and/or
unlawful contents, forbidden on these conditions from third
parties or any other way of damage, disable, overload or
prevent of the regular use of the services, documents and files
and all kind of contents kept in any computer service.
• Damages in systems from providers or third parties.
• Introduce or spread computer virus on the Website, by
providers or third parties.
• Try to access, use or manipulate information from the
VENDOR, third providers or other users.
• Reproduce copy or distribute the public access through any
way or public communication, changing the contents. Unless
you are authorized by the holder from those rights or it is
legally allowed.
• Cancel, hide or manipulate property rights, commerce or
intellectual any other data information from the VENDOR
rights or third parties incorporated into the contents, technical
production devices or other information mechanism that can be
inserted in the contents.
The access to some Web services and/or contents will be provided by a
password, using it in a good way and keeping the privacy at very moment.
Therefore, you will be responsible of its confidentially and you promise
to do not provide it to third parties, temporarily or permanently and not
letting the access to those services and/or contents by uninvolved people.
Likewise, it is required to notify every abused, as a thief, loss or non-
authorized access to an immediately cancellation. Consequently, if you do
not make any of the previous notifications, the VENDOR, will be out of any
responsibility from the bad use of the password, being your responsibility
the illicit use of the contents and/or Website services by an illegitimate third
The Vendor:
1. Does not guarantee the continued access and the right visualization,
download or data use on the Website pages that can be stopped or
suspended by circumstances out of control.
2. Can suspend the service or solve immediately the relation with
the user if it detects that the website use or any other offered
services are different from the present conditions. The VENDOR
is not responsible of any damage, lost, claim or expense from the
Website. He will just have the right of deleting as soon as possible
the contents that can produce those notified damages. Therefore, he
will not be responsible of the following probable damages:
Interferences, interruptions, failures, defaults, telephone faults,
delays, jamming or disconnections from the electronic
system, produced by overloads or mistakes in network
communications or any other causes out of the Vendor’s
Illegitimate interference through malicious software and any
other communication way, as computer virus or others.
Inadequate abuse of the Website.
(IV) Failure safety or browsing produces from a bad working
browser or out of date versions. The vendor’s servers
reserve the right of removing totally or partially some
contents or information on the Website.
3. It is no liable for any damages caused by bad service use or from the
users. Likewise, the VENDOR is exempted of any responsibility from
the content and information that can be received as a consequence of
the data forms, being just for consultation and queries. On the other
hand, in case of any damage by an illicit or incorrect use of those
services, the VENDOR could demand the user for damages by the
applicable regulation.

4. The seller is hereby exonerated from all liability arising from:

a. Errors on the website attributable to force majeure, unforeseen 

circumstances and other non-attributable causes.

b. Technical and/or mechanical difficulties or viruses that may occur 

whilst connected to the Internet, in the computer systems 

(software and hardware) or in the documents and files stored on computers.

6. Minors
To access and use the website, minors have to ask their parents’
permission first, tutors or legal representatives, being responsible of
every act done by minors.
7. Applicable law – Jurisdiction
The resolution of any dispute or disagreement related to the Website
will be ruled by the Spanish legislation, being relevant the courts of
Torremolinos city (Malaga).