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En the year 1915, a man called Antonio Leyva, moved by his dedication for exquisite designing together with his advanced knowledge of fabrics, ventured into putting up a tailoring shop. Since then, Antonio Leyva has not stopped to dress men with the best fabrics and the best designs in belts and later in Ties. This has been the result of hard work in the past, with lot of affection. 

This firm competes with the big brand names as far as fashion is concerned, and it is not a doubt as his designs in belts are so exclusive that have been considered by Harrods as a secure bet in men´s accessories. 

It is a family business, placed in Jaen, from where it has been focused in providing men with accessories of the best quality and identified with the stamp of exclusive designs as is with the Leyva brand.   

Nowadays, Leyva is present in Europe, besides in Japan, Mexico, Russia and United States of America. 

One of the key factors of success of Leyva, it is its dedication to reinvent, thus maintaining his proactive vision.  Like this, when the polyester material ties were losing their charm, Leyva  bet for silk for this complement  being  greatly induced  in the masculine fashion, which had a great success in the presentation of its collection. 

When you acquire a Leyva complement, you fill your cupboard with fashion, exclusivity and personality. In Maurice Boutique, we have the option to bring to you all that, without any delivery cost, because we want to be present to build your personality.

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