Purchase conditions

Purchase conditions






The following General Terms and Conditions of Purchase govern offers and sales of our website shop, MAURICEBOUTIQUE.COM
The vendor offers products to sell in the shop and through the website. For more information about the vendor and our Privacy Policy please contact our Legal Notice and Privacy Policy at the back page of our website.
We please ask you to carefully read our Terms and Conditions before sending orders. If you do not agree with certain terms and conditions, please do not submit any order form for the purchase of products.
If you agree to our conditions you have to accept them and fill out a form with your contact details that will be sent automatically to the vendor.
 1. Contents and provided information
The vendor keeps the right of changing the commercial proposal of the website (products, prices, promotion modifications and any other commercial conditions and services) at any time. The vendor makes the most of him trying to give you all the information on the website totally verified and without misprints. In case of any mistake of this kind out of vendor knowledge, we will proceed to a fast correction. If any misprint is on the item price and a client has chosen a product without knowing that mistake, the vendor has the right to inform the client about that and he will have the right to rescind his purchase without any cost.
Content of the vendor website could sometimes show provisional information about some products. If it happens that the information provided does not match with the product’s characteristics the client has the total right to rescind his purchase without any cost.
All the orders of the products are subject to their availability. In this sense if there are any difficulties of products supplies or if there are any items in stock, we keep the right of providing information about the products at the same or more price or quality that you wanted to acquire. If you do not want to do any change with the proposal items we would refund you the sum you should have paid.
We apply the following general contracting conditions to any order:
The price shown in every product of our website matches with the real price of the product at the moment.  
It is possible that the vendor occasionally and in a involuntary way carries some technical mistakes and assigns a wrong price to a product, in that case, totally expected and perceptible by the user, if that product were about to be acquired by the user, we will contact you as soon as we can and you could reconfirm the purchase in a correct price or cancel it. But if it cannot be possible you could not contact the client, the ordered product will be cancelled giving back to the user the entire amount he paid.
The company is not obliged to supply any product at a wrong less price (even after the “accept confirmation”) if the mistake in the price is obvious and unmistakable and could have been recognized in a reasonable way by the user or the company.
The company keeps all rights of changing prices at any product ordered in advance and formalized by “accept confirmation”.
Prices of our products exclude every possible charge that can be applied according to sending conditions. The final price of every ordered product will be shown in the purchase summary before concluding the payment process.
All our product prices are shown in Euros. The purchase amount for an order will be 2.800 EUR maximum. 
  Applicable taxes
Product prices are shown on our website including the VAT (Value added tax) that could be applied in any case.
Purchase done by people addressed in any state member of the European Union will be applied the VAT. Purchase realized by people doesn’t hold taxation in the European Union will be out of that tax.
Purchase done by a natural or legal person resident in any state no member of the European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla will be out of taxation.
  Shipping and delivery
Products offered are distributed in Spain (peninsula and islands) and in the following countries of the European Union: Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Croatia and Switzerland.
We also offer the possibility of delivery out of the European Union, but you should ask for an estimate because it will depend on the destination. You can ask for a shipment form to info@mauriceboutique.com and we will send the proposals that suit you better.
In the purchase form, we will ask the client a shipping address in the usual working time. MAURICE BOUTIQUE will be not responsible for any mistake done by the delivery once the address specified by the client is wrong or some information has been omitted. We won’t deliver to Post Office Box and the breach of any of these requirements entails to the automatic cancellation of the ordering product.
MAURICE BOUTIQUE sends every order to their clients through different express transport companies well known in the national and international areas. 
➤ Delivery time
Delivery time is between 1 - 4 working days (Spain) for national delivery and for those internationals around 3 and 14 working days after processing the order. These are guiding periods and MAURICE BOUTIQUE keeps the right of delaying for matters outside the company. In any case, we will always try to reduce the delivery period to secure a faster and efficient ordering reception.
The fact of having paid and order in advance doesn’t mean that MAURICE BOUTIQUE has to complete the processing in case of circumstances outside the company or stock out.
Orders are sent from Monday to Friday, except for local and national official holidays. MAURICE BOUTIQUE will not be responsible for unexpected delays for logistic reasons or circumstances beyond our control. The maximum delay for delivering products will be 30 days after processing the order (transit period can be altered from impacts of the haulier and problems on shipping goods).
In case of delivery delays, MAURICE BOUTIQUE will inform their clients. For delivery, the client or an authorized person will have to be on the specified address of the order form. In case of not being at the said place or being not possible to deliver the order for any other circumstances, the private transit company will contact with the purchaser to fix a different date for a new delivery day. 
Passed 7 working days after delivery of order not being possible to deliver it, the buyer will have to contact MAURICE BOUTIQUE. On the contrary, passed 10 working days from the delivery first day the product will be sent back to our stores and the buyer will have to precede the shipping, the returning and procedure fees of the product. The amount will be refunded through the same payment system applied, with the exception of the fees shown previously.
➤ Postage and handling
Transport amount is calculated in the base of the delivery destination, items acquired and packaging used. Delivery costs will be shown on the page where summarizes the purchase before the ordered confirmation.
Delivery will be done through an international and prestigious courier company.
Shipping costs depending on the destination:






*Shipping outside the Spanish peninsula ( 7.00 € )

Ceuta, Melilla, Islas Canarias, Islas Baleares


4 - 5 Work Days

Express Shipping

7.25 €

1 - 2 Work Days









FREE  SHIPPING ( From 120.00 € )

7.00 €

Express (2/4 working days)

26.00 €








FREE  SHIPPING ( From 140.00 € )

9.00 €

Express (2/5 working days)

28.00 €










FREE  SHIPPING (From 190.00 €)

15.00 €

Express (2/5 working days)

35.00 €




United States of America

United Arab Emirates



From: 36.00 €

 (3/6 working days)


MAURICE BOUTIQUE is not responsible for any additional cost or refunds as special taxes in the destination, customs or similar. 

➤ Payment method

Once you order a product, the buyer can credit the purchase you realize through:
- Credit cards.          
- PayPal                    
- Bank transfer.       
Credit cards will be abided by checking and authorization by issuers, but if this one will not authorize the payment we won’t be responsible of any delay or no shipping and we could not have any contract with you.
If your payment method is PayPal, the amount will be done once we will accept your order.  
Once you click on “Accept the payment” you will confirm that you are the owner of the credit card.
In the case of the payment method will be by bank transfer, any order will be sent until the moment we will verify the total amount of the purchase. Said transfer should carry out within 3 working days from the ordering date. If the amount is out of the period time, the order will be cancelled automatically and the transfer outlays will be charged to the buyer.
MAURICE BOUTIQUE never has access to the confidential information related to the payment methods, it is for this reason that bank details form the client will be asked for every order you make.
Depending on the payment method you have chosen you will have to fill out every necessary field to proceed the payment of your purchase.
The buyer can choose a delivery option between the different possibilities and has to realize that shipping delays, service quality, place and cost will be different for every kind of shipping.
Legal policy for discontinuing the purchase:
The buyer will have a period of 14 natural days* from the moment the order reception was sent to solve the contract and make the refund of the acquired product (except when the product is one of those products that are excluded from the right of withdrawal, go to the bottom of page).
The seller will communicate to the vendor within the period stipulated and for any other way, the avoidance practice of the contract. * * Extension Christmas buy now November 20 and request your refund or change until the 9th day of JANUARY 2018
How do I make the return?
Contact us through our contact form, email info@mauriceboutique.com or by calling the number 0034 952382767. Then, you prepare your package with the invoice received and the garment with the original labels and packaging. Please send us the well-protected articles by an additional external packaging, just as you received it in your address, to avoid possible damages during the transport.
Send the package to the following address:
Maurice Boutique, Calle San Miguel Number 9, 29620 Torremolinos.
You will be refunded for the product purchased by the same method you paid for it.
If the refundable product has got any fault, the vendor will be responsible to refund or repair it (except those that the product acquired on the website counts on the manufacturer guarantee and in that case the client should follow the progress and conditions by the manufacturer). 
Moreover, the discontinuing right legally to the consumers and users during the 14 natural days period from the delivery date of the ordered product can be able to change the size and colour of the items (subject to availability in stock) all products apart from those mentioned on next section. Contact us through our contact form, email info@mauriceboutique.com or by calling the number 0034 952382767. Then, you prepare your package with the invoice received and the garment with the original labels and packaging. Please send us the well-protected articles by an additional external packaging, just as you received it in your address, to avoid possible damages during the transport.
Send the package to the following address:
Maurice Boutique, Calle San Miguel Number 9, 29620 Torremolinos.

Maurice Boutique will proceed to send the same item in different size or colour, in charge of direct refundable costs and giving a new order to the buyer. 

The following products are excluded from returns:
- Personalized items
- Underwear
Requirements for any exchange or refund:
You have the right to contract repayment or refund (colour or size change) that will be applied exclusively to all those goods that will be returned in the same condition that corresponds. Please, return the item using or including the original wrapping. You should include to all the instructions, documents and wrapping from the products. In any case, you should send the good with the original label attached. You will not have any refund if the good is damaged, for that reason you should be careful with the product.
Once the products have been returned to our stores and after checking them you will have the refund procedure of your amount paid following your payment method. You may change the product for the same one but in different size or colour.
For any other incident related to article refunds of our shop, you can contact us at info@mauriceboutique.com or calling: 0034 952 382 767.
If a product is different from the one ordered by the client being a vendor mistake, we will change it without any additional cost.
In the case you consider the moment of delivery does not suit to the stipulated contract, you will have to contact us immediately through our contact form or giving us the product details and damage or calling us to 0034 952382767 and we will tell you the steps to follow.
The product can be refunded to a courier and we will examine carefully the refund product telling you by email in a reasonable delay if you may refund it or change it (depending on the circumstances).
Refund or replacement will be done as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days following the date we sent you an email accepting your procedure with the withdrawal or replacement of the article. Amounts paid for those articles already returned for any fault or defect will be repaid in his total amount, including delivery costs. Refund will be done whatever payment method you used at the purchase time. All rights are reserved from current legislation. 
The purchaser undertakes at every time to give truthful information about him once he is filling in the user or order form and keeping it updated at any time.
The purchaser accepts all regulations and conditions kept in the General Contract Conditions, accepting the service for the kind of activity developed by the vendor. Likewise, the compromises to keep confidentially his access personal code to our website. 
The purchaser compromises to make possible the order delivery providing an address where the order can be delivered within the usual goods delivery schedule (Monday to Friday 10 am - 1 pm/4 pm - 6 pm). In case of failure, the vendor will not have any responsibility for the delay or impossibility of the order delivering.
If marketing and sale of the products on our website require the vendor for having a certain age according to the current legislation in his country, the buyer will fulfil the requirement to formalize the purchase.
All personal data is treated confidentially in all communications with his clients.
All business transaction is stored and done by a safe server. 
All personal data you provide us is protected and confidential agreed with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data.  Go to Privacy Policy. 
Website and Copyright property rights, site design, source code and the content belong to us or third parties which are why any user is authorized to use them, no printing and saving under any circumstance in the case it will be for personal or private use. Downloads or private playback in the computer system are authorized if the elements played will not be given to third parties afterwards or will be installed in a server connected to the Internet or a local computing network.
For this reason, it is forbidden to distribute, modify, decompile, stop or use any public communication or commercial from anywhere or any other thing first authorized from us. The infringement of one of those before mentioned rights can afford a vulnerability of these Conditions of use, or an offence according to the articles 270 and subsequent ones from the current Penal Code.
Likewise, all rights are industrial property, logos, brands and other distinctive signs that appear on the website are registered marks by Maurice Boutique. Any other use of these is totally forbidden without any approval from the owner. www.mauriceboutique it is registered and cannot be used connected to other products or services out from the company and if it creates confusion to the users or discredits to the shop.
You cannot use improperly this website through the intentional insertion of a virus, Trojan virus, worms, logic bombs or any other material or program technologically damaging or harmful. You cannot have any authorized access to this website, to the server or any other server, computer or database connected with our website. You compromise to no attack this website by a denial of service or a distributed one. The default of this clause could involve automatically immediately the commission of offences standardized by the applicable rule.
We will inform you about any infringement of this regulation to the competent authorities and will cooperate to discover the attacker identity. Likewise, the infringement of this clause will not permit you to access this website never again. We are not responsible of any damage or loss from a denial of service, virus or other program or material that can damage your computer, data, materials or data processing equipment as a result of the website use or the download of contents or where this redirect it.
Maurice Boutique does not guarantee the inexistence of breaks or mistakes in different contents and the availability or continuity on this website even to those digital sites where you could have linked, once you impute these to a third party, to a user or circumstances beyond our control, for this reason, this excludes all responsibility for damages that can be possible because of the availability, reliability or continuation of the site. It could not be always updated but we will try to correct every technical mistake and the precision of the content.
Maurice Boutique reserves the right for changes without previous notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add or delete all contents in the website or its design page.
Likewise, we reserve the right of cancelling the access to the website and we are not responsible for the contents of third parties that have included hyperlinks to the website. It does not guarantee the inexistence of virus introduced from third parties that can affect this site or contents from digital sites to the user’s software or hardware.
As a result, Maurice Boutique with all extension allowed from the legal system, will not be responsible for any damages derivate from a virus, indirect damage or lost profits (lucrum cessans), commercial loss, data, failure in data or reception transfer, goods substitution costs, installations or services, capital expenditure and other measure in lieu of a financial penalty related to this website access. The user will be responsible for damages once you breach these Conditions of Use.
We are not responsible for any failure or delay to comply with some of the contract conditions in the case it is out of our reasonable control (Force majeure event).
These force majeure causes will include any event, lack of practice, omission or accident out of control and the following ones:
1. Strikes, lock-outs or other measures of demand.
2.  Civil commotion, riot, invasion, act or circumstance of terrorism, war (declared or not) or war threats.
3. Fires, explosion, storms, floods, subsidence, earthquakes, epidemic or other natural disasters.
4. Impossibility of using trains, ships, aeroplanes, motor transport or other means of transport public or private.
5. Impossibility of using public or private telecommunication systems.
6. Acts, decrees, legislation, regulation or restriction of any government or public authority.
7. Strike, shipping or postal failure or accident or any other kind of transport.
We assume that our Contract conditions will withdraw while force majeure events will continue; we will have a longer period of time to fulfil the necessary conditions during the same time the force majeure event will take place. We will also give the necessary ways to end up this event or to find a solution to let us fulfil the commitments shown in the contract.  
We reserve the right of changing or checking the Conditions at any time.
You are subject to the Policy and Conditions at the moment you use our website or place an order, except the rule or governmental organizations decisions we have to change these policies, conditions or privacy statements, in which case those possible changes will affect to the orders you should have done previously.
Sales of goods done by the vendor are under Spanish legislation.
The applicable legislation to Conditions of use is subject to the Spanish Law, especially the Act 34/2002 of 11 July, Information Society Services and Electronic, Civil Code and Trade, the license rights of consumers and users and any other rules. If the law allows it, both parties, resigning the jurisdiction that may concern, accept to be processed to the judge’s jurisdiction and courts located in Malaga city.