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SCALPERS Clothing and Shoes Clothing ScalperS --> When a fashion house came in standing strong, it make once and it stay forever with you. That’s happends with Scalpers, a Spanish fashion house that got fashion world talking about it. You dare to now why? How was the beginning: Scalpers, the story of the fashion brand. Scalpers has his headquarters in Sevilla, a Spanish town know for his elegance and carriage dressed, a place where gentelmans and snobs assume about suits and shoes, specially in the Fair days. The founder was Rafael Medina, and together other friends, decided to stablish  this project around 2007.Just in the moment that Spain was suffering ravages because of a financial crisis that continued a few years more, Medina decided, against the oods, take control of the situation and challenged obstacles that he finds. And how he do it? Beginning with the essential and expanded when the succesfull came in. The release was ties, a safe bet and quickly add the Scalpers shoes, that became in a reference of the fashion house and what made it know all around the world. And like this till now, a moment in which the fashion house dress the more elegant mens, not only in our country but outside as well, the top down. Being from two years ago, Medina´s wife the majority shareholder, Laura Vecino, the fashion house doesn’t stop advancing. And the best: isn’t going to do it. The most emblematic points of the Scalpers clothes. His public its mostly male and the speciality, the classicism: dress the good man, the dandy, the gentleman. At the same time, work with the young  current, the fashion man, the one who provide freshness. Are the maximum in Spanish elegance, customized to the new times. The  company offer a impeccable service of tailoring that no longer have anything to envy to designs like Adolfo Dominguez or Massimo Dutti. They offer the best  “prêt á porter” of the current fashion and used the best materials and fabric exitents. Its clear that Scalpers its plenty of quality. And always handy Stubbs&Wootton. From shoes to shirts Scalpers and much. If the Scalpers shoes were what they send it to renown, now the clothing brand offers items fits for any pockets, from a simple armband with the emblem skull for 18E to a jeans handbag for 98E passing by luxury summer tshirts, sunglasses, swimsuit, polo shirts, towels and of course, suits, shirts, jackets, shoes and much more. Scalpers online: your Scalpers shop from your home settee. Scalpers it’s a fresh brand from the old school that of course its going on with the new times and offers to his customers a shop online flawless service for not having to move.¡Check right now the last Scalpers catalogue on line!.