Secrid card holders and leather wallets made in the Netherlands, protect your bank cards from cloning and pay with style.

Secrid slim wallets are definitely one of the most sophisticated and loveable products for men nowadays. With a unique system and the most modern yet classy design, these wallets are not only fashionable but a quite useful accessory for the modern man that is practical but also takes care of his looks.

If you’re looking for quality and design wallets that will be useful and long-lasting without losing that stylish touch, then you’ve got to the right place! Secrid wallets are exactly what you were looking for and here you can find a great variety of these products.

Be the confident man you are and keep everything under control with these wallets, just on MauriceBoutique.com.

About Secrid’s materials, leather is directly from Holland where this industry has the most delicate and environmental procedures of the world. Also, Secrid are the safest option: credit card chips work with some radio frequency information that can be transmitted to another device.

This is quite known by hackers all around the world and it’s sometimes used to steal data; Aluminum cases In Secrid slim Wallets protect your cards from being hacked by radio waves since those waves are reflected by this material.

If you’re not sure of which Secrid to choose, maybe knowing a little bit more about them will help.

Secrid’s Miniwallet

If you’re of those that want all the need filled in one product, then the Miniwallet is for you; with Secrid’s unique slide system, you get access to all your cards with one button slide.

Besides, they’re protected with an aluminum case while the coat is original Holland’s leather finely stitched. To open the case and get to all the content, you need to pull a clip button and that might be one of the less appealing features of the Miniwallet since it can be a little bit annoying with time.

Finally, the wallet comes in a huge frame of colors so you would be able to combine for any occasion and there’re also different designs but sadly, prices are also different even when is basically the same wallet.

Secrid’s Slimwallet

Basically the same as the Miniwallet but with the benefit of not having the click button so it won’t be uncomfortable when sitting.

We might say it takes less space in the pocket but truth is that the design is a bit wider so, it will sacrifice pocket space but offer more inside space. Actually, it may hold up to 12 cards.

The coat is the same leather cut but since it doesn’t have the button it might resemble a notebook. The Miniwallet is also available in a variety of colors.

Secrid’s Twinwallet

Take all the features on the miniwallet, multiply them for two, join them together and you will have the twinwallet.

With a great amount of inside space, it’s ideal for carrying in a bag or loose pants since it might be a little bit too thick.

The most variable in colors option, its design is also made in Holland’s leather it might be very attractive for those who are to hold lots of cards or cash.

Secrid Cardprotector

The perfect wallet for the practical, minimalist and stylish man. What you could call the design by default of Secrid’s wallets; this cardprotector is the aluminum case with the slide button and no leather coat.

Although it comes in a huge variety of colors, simplicity and functionality are their real appealing features as the design tends to be a little bit cold.

Nevertheless, it occupies less space in the pocket but, as it’s only the aluminum case, inner space isn’t quite great; only holds up to 6 flat cards or 4 raised cards.

This might be of benefit in case of a quick trip or grocery shopping but if you need to hold more cards and maybe some cash, then this option won’t be very useful.

Secrid wallet is the best choice for the modern man

Not only their unique system gives these wallets a functionality that exceeds expectations but with the huge variety of models and designs, you can cover exactly your needs without leaving behind that elegant and bold style that identifies you.

Just take your pick and find it here on your online store!