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The art of dressing

For speak about this brand, we have to close our eyes and transport us to the Italian country Modena, to his Lambrusco vineyard area and the small rural corners. That’s exactly the place where born one of the most representative Italian fashion brand.


But… who is behind the Stone Island clothes?

Stone Island was born from the ingenious mind of Massimo Osti and make public across the first collection established with a special weave. It was nineteen seventy four and “Stone Island” it was just a second line from the main company, C P Company. Many years had to pass for establish it like the real fashion brand Stone Island, in nineteen eighty two. Since nineteen ninety-four, that take over the company, Carlo Rivetti its his face and eyes.

In this first line, the brand began to differ for the weave they use for cover the trucks and for the way they treat this materials, the resin. There were seven jackets in different colors. Something innovative, different to all till this moment. The successful don’t delay too much.


The successful secret of the Stone Island clothes

From the origins, the company has connected directly with the final costumer:  reading his mind, understands his needs, and meet these needs exceeding the expectations. It was the beginnings of eighties and it was emergent the first generations really interesting in fashion.

From the beginning the relation with the public has developed and reinforced, based on the respect and integrity of the brand. Stay faithful to his principles, innovate and designs new pieces increasingly amazing. In this way its win the old costumer loyalty and capture the youngest.

Between the most famous items, we found the Stone Island polo shirts, perfects for any occasion, casual or formal. You can find it in several colors and they are an excellent quality and easy to mix with any outfit.

However, the Stone Island jackets keep being  -since this first fashion line in nineteen seventy four- the main product. To this, now its added jeans, t-shirts, shorts, swim suits, shoes, bags, sweatshirts, pullovers and even accessories and complements.


Stone Island is Big

The brand succeed not only in his origin country but all over the world, especially in Europeans countries. The unique, trendy and urban style sets in Europeans men, especially in Spain.

The Stone Island Spain shops (that have a official web site) they are not a real exclusive shops, but you can find the brand in large commercials establishments and specialized shops in Madrid and Barcelona.

Anyway, you can get Stone Island Outlet just online. You have the best brand offers, just in a click.