The weather and the seasons inevitably affect the way we dress. There are more opportunities to go out, go to the beach, to the park, and share with our family. It makes us use fresher clothes, softer textures, and above all more colorful and combinable clothing.

Especially, for gentlemen, the best option is the renowned Stone Island Brand, which offers various models of clothing with the best quality, in beautiful designs and colors, and with the freshest cotton you can find.

Their Jerseys particularly are quite attractive for any time of the year; their fabric has the appropriate porosity to keep it cool throughout the day but at the same time protecting it from the energetic temporary breezes.

Models of Stone Island Jerseys

Stone Island brand has been innovating for more than three decades its designs and experimenting with different patterns, finishing styles, coloring techniques, among others.

Stone Island Jerseys are as exquisite as varied. Each collection brings its inclination towards a range of colors and designs, designed for all the clothing tastes of the 21st century gentleman. Here w

e present in detail some of the most attractive Jerseys of the recent Stone Island collection of 2018.


This beautiful Jersey Stone Island model is made of 100% cotton and it’s made in four colors: Lavender, Cobalt Blue, Ink Blue and Pink Salmon.

The neck of this Jersey is round cutting and made with woven stitches. The ink is deliberately imperfectly spread over the fabric, so that each jersey has a different design.

To achieve the design that it has in the back, the fabric is folded in an accordion shape and then manually painted with reflective transfer, so that after unfolding the jersey is the design we can see, which represents the logo of Stone Island Marina.

Both the collar and the sleeves have a relief finish in the shape of small gutters. The fabric on the shoulders and sleeves is also slightly ribbed, and the bottom edge of the jersey has a rolled hem. You can buy it from size S to 3XL.


This design is quite special. Although, like the previous ones, it is made of 100% cotton, each fabric used for the variants of this Stone Island Jersey was manufactured with two color tones, that is, two types of interlaced yarn, achieving an optical rib effect bicolor.

It is available in Black, Lavender and White colors and comes only from size M hereafter, up to 3XL.

It is characterized by a round neck knitted with cotton stitches of a single thread, as well as the lower edge and the cuffs, above which are attached two strips of the same color of the fabric of the cuffs.


The design of the Ghost Pieces is inspired by military camouflage, and this is why this Jersey is only available in two colors, military green and black, and also both in a homogeneous finish.

Even the achievement of the Stone Island brand was designed in a monochromatic way to adapt to the concept of this beautiful Jersey Stone Island, which has been the first to be exhausted in many of the official stores of this brand.

The material of the fabric is 100% cotton, and both the lower edge and the cuffs and collar of the jersey have a relief in ribbing form. Above the shoulders has a double coating of fabric that extends over the arm.


It has nothing to envy to the previous models, this Jersey Stone Island is manufactured with a meticulous combination of 78% cotton with 22% polyamide, popularly known as Nylon, a material of enormous strength and durability.

It ranges from size M to size 3XL and is available in only two colors: Cobalt Blue and Pearl Gray. The neck has a round shape, woven with nylon and cotton, and this and all the rest of the garment has a “melange” effect finish thanks to a specialized dyeing.

The fabric of the neckline has a robbed relief, as do the cuffs and the bottom hem. V-shaped seams are added below the neckline, and the rest of the seams are highlighted in relief.


A simple but beautiful Jersey Stone Island with all its fibers of the purest cotton, available in sizes from S to 3XL, and in the colors Black, Gray, Cobalt Blue, Light Green and Blue Ink.

The manufacture of this Jersey Stone Island was made in a specialized manner in which no seams are evident at all.

The cotton yarn with which it is created is twice as lighter than ordinary cotton, as it is an 18 gauge thread. It has a round neck with a ribbed neckline, and both the cuffs and the bottom hem have a rolled edge.

It have the logo of the embroidered brand in the center of the chest, in two tones, one white and the other the same color as the Jersey´s.