Summer is approaching and temperatures are rising. It begins to be necessary to wear fresh clothing, soft and pleasant material that does not adhere to the skin and that always offers a youthful and renewed appearance.

Among the gentlemen, the garment that meets all these characteristics are the Stone Island Polo shirts, favorite for several years to accompany the end of the male workday, break the rules of etiquette and feel comfortable, attractive and fashionable.

Characteristics of the Stone Island Polo Shirts

This comfortable garment is informal-casual style shirt, sporty style, made with a fabric whose material is 100% premium quality cotton.

The neck of this type of shirts is a neck open in V with the option of closing through buttons, much like the neck of formal shirts, but with the characteristic of being made also of cotton, which makes it much cooler, soft to the touch, and with a more pronounced fall.

The cutting of the Stone Island Polo Shirts is designed to adapt to the body with an incomparable precision.

By choosing your size you can notice how clothing could be perfect, really close to the body but not stretched like to be uncomfortable.

Moreover, the Stone Island brand in its variety of stores puts at your disposal a wide catalog of Polos with different cuts for the sleeves, so that you can choose between short and tight sleeves, or looser long sleeves, among others.

In term of colors, this is precisely the specialty of the Stone Island brand. They have a laboratory particularly designed for the constant creation of new shades of color to dye their different masculine garments, among which are the Polo shirts.

The different collections of Stone Island each have a selection of their own tones, so the variety of colors is almost unlimited, and also with the guarantee that they will retain their color even after the passage of time.

Another aspect in which you will have to decide will be on the front presentation of the Stone Island Polo Shirts.

Some of them have a small Stone Island logo finely embroidered on the left side of the chest, while others have it embroidered on the bottom of the neck finish, below the buttons; there is also a third model that offers an executive style pocket on the left side of the chest, made of cotton. It is a difficult choice, isn´t it?

All are undoubtedly so striking and beautiful that probably you choose to carry one of each.

Uses of Stone Island Poles

Polo Shirts Stone Island cotton garments can be used for almost any occasion. Their casual, semi-sporty style makes them perfect for a day at the beach and for a picnic, as it is possible to combine them in a special way with various styles of shorts and tennis.

But also, if you choose Polo shirt with a neutral and sober color, such as white, black or chestnut, you can use your Stone Island Polo Shirt for semi-formal meetings, appointments and even job interviews, combining them with a good blue-jean of color dark and some formal boots, and will offer an image of confidence and undeniable strength.

Of course, if your wishes go to the opposite extreme, a Stone Island Pole shirt will always be your ideal companion to attend a totally informal party, to go to have a well-deserved drink with friends and colleagues, and to take your partner to an afternoon romantic walk.

The most important thing is that when you are using your Stone Island Polo shirt you will never want to wear those other types of uncomfortable and hot shirts that stick to your body, that are itchy or discolor and lose shape with the passing of the months.

The Stone Island Pole shirts remain as new for years, with the same softness of their fabric, and the same intense colors.

Guaranteed Quality of the Stone Island Polo Shirts

If this is the first time that you are interested in acquiring the Stone Island garments and you want to be part of the already huge family of satisfied customers in America, Europe and all over the world, then we will give you a summarizing about why this brand has been turned into the favorite of thousands of young men, parents, important businessmen and even artists great renown.

All types of gentlemen have been relieved for finding in Stone Island the most suitable clothes for them, especially for the hottest times of the year, combining quality, charm and fashion.

The brand has been designing innovative masculine garments for more than three decades, experimenting with multiple combinations of materials to achieve as a result a resistant and soft fabric that accompanies the gentleman in the most demanding of his activities without generating the most minimal friction against his skin.