Stone Island T Shirt - Mattone

Stone Island T Shirt - Mattone

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Stone Island is a recognized and distinguished clothing brand of the compass patch that has a history that goes back some 36 years.

It was born in Italy, in 1982, by the hands of Massimo Osti, a fashion designer who created it as a secondary brand for its main line and which ended up being a banner of fashion in Europe and many parts of the world.

Stone Island t-shirts are synonymous with quality.

A little history

Massimo Osti, creator of Stone Island, was a pioneer in fashion design and designer clothing.

With a large number of "inventions" within the world of fashion, he founded his brand in experimentation: he was always trying new dyeing, washing techniques or new ways to improve his personal brand.

Over the years, Stone Island became a well-established brand with worldwide recognition.

Stone Island was always a pioneer brand, as it happened with the launch of the jacket that changed color with temperature: it was designed with a special chemical that turned a color depending on the temperature.

If it was exposed to heat it could be pink, but if it started to get cold, it would turn gray. This marks a turning point in the brand history.

Nowadays, however, the brand has grown beyond casual and can be found in urban neighborhoods, and for many, the iconic patch of the brand on men´s arms is a crude expression of masculinity.

Ideal for summer

Stone Island t-shirts are designed according to the season, so the summer editions are usually cooler, with fabrics that allow better ventilation of the body, avoiding excessive sweating.

Stone Island was perfectly suited to the tastes of casual movement: it is expensive, visually striking and the brand's arm patch allows fans to identify without attracting unwanted attention.

Stone Island t-shirts can be obtained in different stores throughout Europe, with a strong presence in cities such as London, Madrid or Paris.

This clothing brand, which began with a casual style, is used by many men and groups "underground" in London, as well as by people from the sports environment.

Stone has presented its complete summer 2018´s collection.

The new release shows that the brand continues developing innovative materials and techniques, with new ways of making garments could be used together with concepts and processes taken from the brand's extensive archive.

For the spring/summer 2018 edition, Stone Island has been inspired by vintage Polish military uniforms, and the crocodile camouflage was chosen as the camouflage print of this season.

For producing the desired effect, the pattern was painted by hand before being photographed and reprinted.

Other themes in the collection include clothing made with a nylon fabric base that is then plated with a highly reflective white coating, made with thousands of micro glass spheres.

Everything for the compass

A major attraction, apart from the design of the garment, is the patch that all the t-shirts of Stone Island bring in their garments.

Over the years the design of the patch has varied a bit, but always maintaining its style and personal brand.

Many people see the patch as a sign of prestige. Others prefer to take it off.

The last is the case of Pep Guardiola, current Manchester City coach who has been a faithful user of Stone Island, but recently has chosen removing the patches of their clothes for advertising reasons.

The Canadian rapper and singer, Drake, is a fan of Stone Island, in addition to being sponsored by the brand.

He has appeared in multiple concerts wearing Stone Island t-shirts, as well as other clothing and accessories, including a brand new gold and diamond necklace with the characteristic compass of Stone Island.

Ideal for modern man

If anything can be said about Stone Island t-shirts is the authenticity. Always they have been synonym of quality and leading edge in the world of fashion, this brand can offer you everything you need to wear this summer.

With formal long-sleeved shirts, you can attend any type of event related to work or business, of those that arise in the middle of summer, because you will have an elegant and appropriate look for the moment.

If you want a more youthful look, the Stone Island short sleeve t-shirts are your thing. With different models, colors, fabrics and designs, designed for different situations of daily life.

And for almost any occasion, the casual man can get his style on Stone Island t-shirts, because they offer a variety of models, colors and cuts, which can be combined with other casual clothes.